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Mario Rubber Wheels: The Tank Driving Game

Mario is a military man in this game and his mission is to drive the tank into the army camp quickly, safely, and surely. There are three tank choices at the start of the game. Pick the one you like to drive. The terrains can be rocky, steep, and difficult. You have to use a lot of skill driving in order to finish the levels.

 mario rubber wheels

Use the arrow keys to move and control Mario’s tank. Press Z if you want to brake and N if you want to use the Nitro to boost your speed. The Nitro meter shows on the upper right corner of the game board. When that bar fills up and the letter N blinks, your Nitro boost is ready. Nitro is most helpful on steep terrains.


This is a timed game so try to reach the finish line before the timer expires. If not, you won’t gain bonus points. You are given 3 lives in this game. Use them wisely so you can complete level after level of driving fun.


The up arrow key accelerates Mario’s tank. Balance his wheels by pressing the left and right arrow keys accordingly. Mario is not prone to crashing so completing this game is fairly easy. Reach the end of the level and your score shows up. Continue playing until you reach the final stage or consume all of your lives.

 mario tank

To win this game, just keep on driving. And make sure that the four wheels of Mario’s tank remain as close to the ground as possible. Don’t forget to use the brake when you have to and boost your speed when needed.


Mario Ride: Join Mario in a Bike Riding Fun

For another dose of bike driving pleasure, play this game and find out if you can keep Mario’s bike from crashing. There are coins and stars to collect along the way and they are worth 100 points each. Mario is driving his bike at the park and although the road is not at all bumpy, the whole course can get very tricky.

 mario ride

Familiarize yourself with the driving route. Sometimes, you have to fall down or crash to know what to do the next time you try. Use the up arrow key to move Mario’s bike. Go slow or speed up as you necessary. The level completes when you reach the finish line. And at that point, your score will show up on the screen.


Proceed to play the next few levels, always considering safety as you drive along. You only have ten lives to use throughout the 10 stages of this game. You can restart the game at any point if you lose all of your 10 lives.

 mario bike

Precision is required in this Mario driving game. It is not enough that you’re just a careful driver. Sometimes, you have to take risks and make a high jump with your bike as that’s the one way to clear the round. Use your driving and racing skills at the same time to ace through all the stages. Your lives left, your score, and your current level are found at the bottom of the screen. Check them from time to time to know your status.

Mario Tractor 4: A Driving Game at Four Times the Fun

A cool tractor driving game – that’s the simplest description of this game. Begin playing by picking which character to play. However, Luigi is your only choice if you just started the game. But as you go further along, you can unlock Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Mario.

 mario tractor 4

Start driving and collect all the coins along the way. Take them to the finish line and you’ll be rewarded 100 points for each. If you finished the level before the time is over, you’ll be given bonus points as well. This game is composed of eight challenging levels. Try to ace through all of them with skillful driving.


There will be a minimum number of coins to bring to the finish line. You have a total of sixty seconds to reach the end point. On level 3, Princess peach is unlocked. You can choose her and driver her cool pink tractor, instead of Luigi’s green one. As you go along, the number of coins you have to maintain at the trailer increases. That means you have to drive more carefully. Expect the bumps to get more difficult in the later stages.

 mario tractor

Use the up arrow key to move the truck. Don’t make it fall or overturn. The game will be over if you do. You can retry playing any stage but your previous score won’t be added up. Use your logical driving skills to know if you need more speed to make the jump or less power to go through the bumps. Good luck!

Luigi saves Mario

In most Mario games the main character and the hero who saves the day (or the Princess) is Mario himself. However there are some games where his brother Luigi is the one who has to save Mario. Like in „Luigi’s Mansion”! This game is much like other classic Mario games. In this one Luigi has to climb up the construction site and save Mario while he has to deal with ghosts coming down the ladders.

The graphics of this game are better then we are used to in other classic Donkey-Kong games. And Luigi moves and jumps better then in other Classic Mario Bros Games.

The game starts funny with a ghost kidnapping Mario way up to the construction site. You as Luigi has to run from left to right, climb up the ladders and avoid the ghosts! Sounds easy! 🙂

The controls in this game are also very easy! Luigi can be moved from left to right with the arrow keys. To jump with Luigi you have to press space.

You have tree lives in this Donkey-Kong remake game. Have fun! I will post some more Luigi games in the future.

Shoot some hoops with Mario

You can find Mario in all kind of sports. In my previous posts Mario was bouncing a soccer ball on his head. In an other previous post Mario was riding a BMX Bike. And I will cover some more Mario sport games in future posts.

But in this post Mario is up for a Basketball Challenge! When you start the game the rules of the game are explained very short and very clear. The aim of the game is that Mario has to shoot hoops and score as much points as he can in a bit more then a minute.

If you shoot straight into the hoop you get 3 points. When you hit the basket or something else, and you still manage to score you get 2 points. After a while stars start appearing in the hoop. If you score while the start is in the hoop your points ill be doubled. Stars are not the only things that start appearing. Goombas will give you a hard time to score. They will prevent you from scoring.


The game is not and official release of Nintendo. It is developed by Gamestein as it appears. The graphics are not that great. However as the game starts to get difficult it also gets more interesting to play.

Keep the ball high with Mario

If you love those soccer games where you have to keep the ball high using your head. You definitely gonna love this one. It’s not only because it’s Mario who has to keep the ball bouncing on his head. It’s also because the game has very nice graphics and some extra’s in it.


The basic rules are simple and like in all other games likes these. Keep the ball bouncing on your head as much and long as possbile. The more and longer you keep the ball bouncing on your head the more points you get. This game however throws in some extra’s. In the playing field you can bump into our well-known mushrooms and turtles. When you bump into a mushroom this will make Mario go faster. However, when you bump into a turtle this will make Mario go slower. Besides these characters also other characters appear on your screen. When you hit these with the ball you will get some exta points.


As I earlier mentioned the graphics of the game look very good. It looks like the flash game is developed by Nintendo to promote the game „Super Mario Strikers”.

Squash goombas and turtles like they where flies

You probably had those moments playing a Mario game, that you couldn’t get passed a level for some reason, and you just wanted to – throw the controller to the screen or smash your keyboard. Well, maybe it’s just more fun to hop in a monster truck and squash those goombas and turtles like they where flies! And even get points for this?!

Now it’s possible with Mario Monster Truck! Maybe the developers of this game where in the same mood as I described above and came up with this game. In this game you are driving as Mario in your Mario Monster Truck through Mario Land. It is your job to get to the end of the level as fast as possible. On your way you need to collect as many coins as possible and squash as many goombas you can. You get bonus points for this! Be carefull with your monster truck. Because if you flip you have to start all over again.


The truck can be controlled by the arrow keys. You can speed and brake with the arrow keys up and down – and keep your balance with the left and right arrow keys. Keeping your balance and speed are probably the 2 keys for this game. As you start playing with the game you will probably hit the gaspedal with the fast-paced background music and all those boombas on the road. However, you will notice that keeping your balance is goig to be difficult at high speed. If you slow down you probably will make it to the end of the level when trying for the second time.


If you are curious how other players score on this game you can press „show score” to see your competitors all over the world.

Another cool feature in this game. If you go check another tab in your browser or another program. The game will automatically pause. I think this feature should be implemented in more games!

Check out this picture and video of the Donkey Kong monster truck on youtube by the way. Awesome!

One of the first ever video games Mario appeared in flash version

This Donkey Kong game was one of the first in the series of Donkey Kong games released by Nintendo. Here Mario has to climb the construction site all the way to the top to rescue Pauline from the evil gorilla Donkey Kong. As he climbs his way up he needs to avoid al kind of obstacles like barrels and fireballs.


Don’t get fooled by the simplicity of the graphics. When you see the game for the first time you probably are thinking that you are going to complete this game in a sec. Maybe this is true for the first level but after that the game gets more difficult.

You start with 4 lives in the beginning. Mario can be controled by by the arrow keys and the space bar to jump. You need to climb your way to the top by the ladders while the barrels are thrown down by Donkey Kong. It’s up to you to avoid these barrels by climbing or by jumping over them. If you jump over them you get some bonus points! Watch out for the barrels that are not rolling down the construction site but are thrown are directly!


The game that can be played on SuperMarioOnline is really one of the first games in a flash version.  Wow, playing this game really brings back some memories from my childhood!:)

Mario collecting coins with help of a helicopter.

As I already mentioned in previous posts, developers of flash games can create very cool variations on existing games. Mario Helicopter for example is such a cool game which is developed by ShieldArcade.


In this adventure Mario is steering a helicopter through Mario Land. Like in other Mario games the aim is to collect coins and get to the end of the level. With the arrow keys you can control the chopper Mario is in. You will start on a platform in the first level. Going up is not difficult, but steering your chopper is! I advice you to practice a little bit steering the helicopter.


When you’re comfortable you can start collecting coins and try to reach the end of the level. When you hit the platforms this will do no good to your chopper or energy level. If you run out of energy you will have to start all over again. So watch out for the blades! In this game there are 7 levels you can complete.

Mario the Vampire Slayer!

This is a really addicting game. At first glance I thought it was going to a bit of a boring game. But after I started playing I couldn’t stop. The story is that zombies are trying to populate Mario Land and you as Mario have to save the day of course by killing these zombies with your bombs!


Your enemies, the zombies, are hiding themselves behind walls and difficult to reach concrete, rocky structures. It’s your job to throw bombs at your enemies in a way you blow up or get passed these structures and kill them. Amongst these enemies are friends like Sonic. Don’t be nice to them, they’ve turned into zombies so you really have to kill them.

Throwing bombs looks easy but it isn’t really. Moving your mouse up or down you can set the angle of your throw. Moving your mouse from left to right you can set the power of your throw. Now the difficulty is that the slightest adjustment can be a world of difference.


Remember you have only 11 bombs. Luckily you don’t have to start all over again when you’re out of bombs and life. You start at the stage it was game over for you.

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